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Profit Surge Alert: How to X2.5 Your Capital in 2 Hours with Arbitrage!

Profit Surge Alert: How to X2.5 Your Capital in 2 Hours with Arbitrage!
21.09.2023 11:21

In just 2 hours, it nearly X2.5 in growth. How to profit from arbitrage during a sharp coin rise. A ready-made case for all subscribers in the promo channel.

There are several ways to profit in situations where a coin experiences a rapid surge.

The key is to check if withdrawals are available for that coin!

Here's what one of our clients did, who had just subscribed to our products for six months:

He set up TG Scanner Live for the 'MULTI' coin. He saw the news that the project was relaunching thanks to our service and that the project had resumed with open withdrawals. He bought the coin on the news and began arbitraging. We don't know if he sold it or not, but within 2 hours of arbitrage, he had already earned more than 50%, and the token had doubled in value.

Here's what our clients did during those two hours:

Profit Surge Alert: How to X2.5 Your Capital in 2 Hours with Arbitrage!

None of them had the coin in their portfolio, but the Screener sent them notifications that there was more than a 5% spread on this coin. In the next two hours, our clients profited from arbitrage. Deals were not closed at a loss because the coin was still rising while being transferred from one exchange to another.

For such cases, we have a prepared manual on how to set up a coin in a separate channel.

How each of you could have profited even now. If you're subscribed to our promo channel, you could have seen differences of 12%-20% and made $600-$5,000 in a round, depending on your capital. BSC withdrawal network.

The description in the promo channel states that you should check withdrawals before making a transaction. The promo channel exists so that our clients can evaluate the functionality of our tool before choosing a plan.

You can become our clients right now! And for all our attentive subscribers, those who are subscribed to the promo channel or are part of our closed community, you could have earned 10%-70% of your capital, simply from $1,000, around 5-6 rounds.

Especially if you look at the difference at 15:16 GMT+3, spreads were at $40,000 and at 12%, which means you could have earned $4,000-$5,000 in one go.

This is a real case of a ready-made combination. The Screener finds such coins dozens of times every day.

In our previous arbitrage case, we talked about: Ready Case for Clients: 70% per round on the Cyber Token between Bithumb and Binance.