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How to use ArbitrageScanner Message in a product category - cases.

How to use ArbitrageScanner Message in a product category - cases.
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24.08.2023 16:17

How to use ArbitrageScanner Message in a product category — cases.

TG Live Scanner — This service allows you to be the first to know the news even before it's released in the media and make money on insights. Or find your clients through search keywords in chats. The bot can monitor chats every 4 seconds, and if it finds the queries you need, you receive notifications in your Telegram channel.

How to use ArbitrageScanner Message in a product category - cases.

It monitors and analyzes all new messages in the Telegram open chats or channels you choose, and sends you information based on keywords to a separate chat.

Get information faster than anyone else

Information can appear in chats much earlier than in various media channels, and you can make money on it. For example, news about new launches and listings on Binance appears in chats faster, and our clients buy BNB tokens and sell them at +5-10% after the official announcement. There are many such examples.

Track different news about the projects you are interested in.

You can add different crypto channels and set up keywords so that all posts about projects from your portfolio are forwarded to you.

For example, if you hold TWT in your portfolio, you have set up the necessary chats and see what is written in chats about the required keywords, what is published on the internet since there is usually a real discussion of the project in chats, not a purchased opinion in the media or from bloggers, or you can find an interesting opinion on some new features.

Our testers also found discussions of anomalies in money movements in TORN coins using this method, and a few hours later, news of a hack came out, and the coin fell by 5 times. By using our software, you could either sell your coins or go short on this asset, for example.

Look for the hottest customers for your business

For example, if you rent luxury cars in Dubai, the average check in this niche is $2000. You can take 50 chats from different conferences in Dubai, add suitable keywords to the scanner, such as "Lamborghini, rent a car,” and so on. After that, you will receive all new messages with your keywords in your Telegram channel and deal with sales to the hottest audience interested in your product.

  • This is much cheaper than buying ads, and you get potential customers who are already ready to buy your product.
  • Work on the reputation of your project.
  • If you own a crypto project or any business, you can see what is written about your project in chats.

For example, if you have your crypto exchange, you have set up a scanner for 100 different crypto chats and channels using your brand keywords. Now you can see any mention of your exchange or discussion of which exchange is better.

This way, you can see feedback from a client in some small chat saying that “there is a severe lack of farming on your exchange,” and within a week, another 50 people will write the same thing. This will be a signal for your team about what you need to implement to retain clients. Or see how discussions are going about which exchange is better and on which one to trade, and you can give yourself or your team a task to join the chat and argue with arguments to a larger audience why it's worth trading on your exchange.

This product has many possible applications.

In the next article, we will talk about our other product, TG history scanner, and how it can be used for making money.

We will show even more TG Live Scanner cases in our blog over time. We also have separate support for this product.

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