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The best tools for blockchain analysis and convenient cryptocurrency arbitrage

Arbitrage Scanner between CEX and DEX exchanges, spot + futures, and futures + futures, which sends ready-made spreads indicating where to buy, where to sell, and the potential profit. Tracking funding. We support 40+ exchanges, including DEX exchanges.NEW

Wallet analysis, mass search, AI analysis, and notifications of all transactions. Search by filters for wallets that earn, for example, over $100,000 per monthNEW

A service that allows you to stay ahead of the news and receive insights before they are published in the media

Below is a more detailed description of the products included in our ecosystem. Our goal is to provide you with a variety of useful tools for the crypto market at a single price.

Arbitrage Perpetuals and Funding Earnings

This type of arbitrage has replaced p2p arbitrage, operating without cards and requiring only USDT. We work exclusively with top exchanges and track differences using various filters (see screenshot). We support spot+futures, futures+futures, and futures+spot. The service shows where to buy tokens, at what price, and where to short with 1x leverage, including volume, pair lifetime, and funding rate for extra earnings. This is currently the most profitable type of arbitrage. Our clients catch spreads of 15-25% per round and publicly earn at least 10% of their total assets per month. See the results in our case studies.

Example of a client case: during a sharp price increase/decrease, the disparity between spot and futures becomes more pronounced than between spot and spot, due to many traders using high leverage. A client bought on spot at $1.8452 and at the same time shorted on another exchange at $2.0324. The client then waited for the prices to converge, earning funding fees every 8 hours, averaging 0.15% each time, or 0.45% daily in addition to the arbitrage profit. When the prices equalized, the client earned 10% from arbitrage plus 6% from funding over 2-3 weeks, in total it is over 15% in 3 weeks. This is more profitable than staking USDT at 9% per annum.

Arbitrage Screener

Arbitrage Screener

Our screener shows the price difference between exchanges and DEXs. For this method of earning, you don't need to buy tokens in advance, you need only USDT. Thanks to our service and their own analysis, our clients can make profit from this method of arbitrage. The principle is very simple: you can buy a coin on one exchange, transfer it to another where the price is higher, and sell it there to make money on the price difference.

Here’s an example with XRP, which had doubled in price within one hour. Most of our clients didn’t hold it. There was a sharp price increase, and the spread between major exchanges was up to 10-15% per round. Our screener indicated this, and every one of our clients could have executed a trade and earned well.

This product has many features, such as matching withdrawal networks, withdrawal fees, spread lifetime, liquidity, and percentage difference. We provide all these features to our clients because beginners might make mistakes, seeing large percentages without clear instructions. One client’s record: they made 150% of their deposit in one day.

Cryptocurrency Arbitrage Scanner


You can connect any exchange, including DEX exchanges, to track currency price differences.


For an additional fee, you can always connect any exchange for tracking you want to work with, without waiting in line.


A convenient CMS where you can set up new pairs for tracking with your custom template in just a couple of minutes, without installing applications — all work is done in your Telegram. Our managers will assist in setting everything up according to your needs.


Working with a personal manager, introductory educational materials, ready-made cases and best practices on how our bot can be used in arbitrage.


During the use of the service, you can get access to a private chat, where are experienced arbitrators who can help you and share interesting earning strategies.


We are aware of various cases where competitors were hacked and clients' funds were stolen. To prevent such situations, we have kept only a manual bot, which ensures the safety of your funds.

How does the Arbitrage Scanner work

Arbitrage Scanner does not work with your money. We do not connect to your exchange balances via API, and you do not link your wallets anywhere. It's a fully manual bot operating in the cloud for the safety of your money.

Crypto wallet analysis

We provide the widest tool on the market for analyzing on-chain data and wallets across different blockchains. Every day, tens of thousands of people earn significant profits in the cryptocurrency market. Through our service, you can analyze any wallet to obtain data such as earnings, WinRate, and PNL. Analyze each coin, track when the selected wallet bought and sold them, add them to collections, and monitor their actions through push notifications.

You can also remove unnecessary transactions, such as arbitrage or "special" transactions that make WinRate lower. With the new settings, you can save them in collections for finding similar wallets through artificial intelligence, not to mention 50 different wallet analysis points.

For example, one of our clients used the AI similar wallet search to find a wallet that bought XRP an hour before the announcement of Ripple's victory in court. The client analyzed the wallet through our service and realized that this wallet consistently bought coins right before their price increased, earning substantial profits. Our analysis tools revealed this pattern. The client added this wallet to his watchlist and tracked all its activities, earning over $5,000 in two weeks. It’s a great tool for monitoring wallets with successful trades, analyzing them, and making informed decisions.

Wallets search by filters

The best tool for making money is in the wallet analysis section, which is unique in the market. You can search for any coin, for example that rose by 400% yesterday, and find wallets that bought it beforehand, sorted by PNL or ROI, to identify potential insider wallets (you can use it for meme-coins, but preferably for large tokens to avoid scams).

For example, we searched for ETH and set a filter to see which wallets purchased ETH between February 21-27 and earned at least $50,000. This tool was used on March 5th, when ETH price was nearing $4,000. This allows us to find insiders or smart traders for any coin and learn their strategies.

Search for similar wallets through AI

With this tool, you can use artificial intelligence to find similar wallets from your collection. For example, if you found wallets through a bulk search that invested in major coins before they increased in price, and you want to find more similar wallets. You add them to our tool, the AI will identify similar wallets based on dozens of criteria, allowing you to learn and understand their blockchain activities.

This is a very easy way to find insider wallets or top traders with strategies that interest you. Currently, we use 272 criteria for finding similar wallets, and the AI will find the wallets you need.

There are many use cases for this tool. Using AI, you can find new wallets of known insiders, as their behavior patterns may repeat, even without interacting with primary wallets, which regular filters cannot detect. You can also find creators of new coins, as they follow similar principles, allowing you to identify and counter their strategies.

This method helps you find similar successful wallets and study their strategies through our analytics and get free education in schemes that no one has openly talked about yet, and much more.

Mass wallet analysis

With this tool, you can analyze wallets and find new similar ones based on numerous criteria. You receive free education on the crypto market, with graphs showing all details. You can then delete unnecessary wallets, save the relevant ones, and send selected wallets for similar searches via AI.

This tool allows you to quickly and easily find interesting wallets for analysis. The AI uses 272 criteria to find wallets that closely match your selected ones. It’s a fast and easy way to obtain new wallets for detailed analysis.

Our client conducted a mass analysis of the behavior of large whales accumulating Jasmy tokens after important technology news was released. By finding addresses on the blockchain and placing them into a mass wallet analysis, he observed that whales were strengthening their positions. He noted that approximately
47M Jasmy tokens, worth $971K, were transferred to these wallets. The strengthening of positions by major holders prompted him to buy the token. Today, the client has fully recouped his investment and holds free tokens generating over $7,000+ in profit!

Subscriptions and collections

Wallet subscriptions is a service that sends real-time notifications of transactions occurring on selected wallets directly to your Telegram channel. With flexible filters, you can set up notifications for all types of transactions, as well as their directions. This allows you to monitor the complete activity of the wallet(s) you are interested in.

You will be the first to know what smart traders, funds, or whales are buying. This gives you an advantage by understanding which sectors and/or tokens major holders are targeting.

One of our users subscribed to DWF market maker actions through our "Subscriptions" service and earned significant profit on the Jasmy token.

He discovered DWF wallets in the market makers collection and set up a Telegram bot to receive transaction notifications. Upon receiving a notification of a $2M transfer in Jasmy tokens on Binance on April 12th, he invested $20,000. Soon after, the token price rose by 60%, allowing the user to realize a profit of $12,000.

Arbitrage Scanner

ArbitrageScanner Message is a service that allows you to be the first to know about news before it is released in the media and profit from insights. Or find your clients through search keywords in chats.

The bot constantly monitors chats and channels, and if the queries you need are found you receive notifications in your Telegram channel. We monitor Telegram channels and chats as well as Reddit

On 19th May TORN token smart contract was hacked. Many chats have been buzzing about the anomalous activity on DEXes and proving that something sketchy is going on. While the price of TORN was slowly dropping it took 3 days for the mass media to notice it, after that - the price chart went straight down

If you added alerts for this coin and thematic chats in TG-Live, you could analyze the situation and sell the coin at a good price, or go short on the exchange, profiting from market downturns.

NFT Scanner

NFT scanner is a tool that helps you to identify opportunities for NFT flipping. Since the price of NFTs is influenced by the rarity of each item in the collection, there is always a possibility to find a rare item that is highly undervalued and sell it for more shortly after.

With an NFT scanner, you can set up alerts for rare items appearing at low prices, or for instance, if someone accidentally lists an item at a low price (mistakenly typing a digit), you can acquire the desired NFT collection at a price ten times lower.

Also NFT scanner will help you to capitalise on collections listings, when the price skyrockets for a small time.

One of our clients had been interested in the Pudgy Penguins collection long before it became widely popular.

In September, when the average price for the TOP-10% of items was around 6.5 ETH, he received a notification about an NFT selling for just 4.38 ETH. After purchasing it, within 20 hours, he was able to sell his token for 4.9 ETH. This resulted in a $1,000 net profit with minimal risk!

During the NFT hype, tokens from the BAYC collection were selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, the biggest profits were made not by holders but by flippers. When an OpenSea user decided to sell his NFT for $300,000, he made a mistake with the zeros and sold it for only $3,000. The NFT was immediately bought out and listed for auction at a price 100 times higher. With our service, you can track such situations easily—just set up filters and receive notifications.

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Are you an influencer looking to earn through our affiliate program?

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Whitelabel Arbitrage Scanner

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