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Come to the

VIP Side Event at a three-storey
villa near Five PALM in Dubai

from ArbitrageScanner.io - the best tools for blockchain analysis and cryptocurrency arbitrage

  • April 17-18

  • starting at 18:00

  • 200+ members

*exact location will be available to participants after approval,
as it is a closed event

About the event

We hold private events around the world after major forums. Just at the end of 2023, we held 3 legendary side events in a row in different cities: Dubai, Istanbul, and Bangkok. Our goal is to gather everyone in one place for relaxation after major forums and create an atmosphere for your networking in an informal setting.

For this, we rented the largest villa in a landmark place in Dubai for 2 days. On April 17-18, we are holding a two-day side event for you at a luxurious three-storey villa with a pool, food, drinks, and unlimited hookahs! There will be no random guests, only VIP guests and active clients of the service.

Briefly about our participants

Owners and representatives of TIER-1 -
Tier3 Crypto Funds

Owners and representatives of the largest exchanges and
crypto projects

Traders with capital
of $5,000,000+

Successful clients
of ArbitrageScanner.io, who
track anomalies and wallets in the blockchain

Clients who have left P2P
and switched to cryptocurrency

Leaders and influencers
of the crypto sphere from different
countries of the world

Event program

17 April

Day 1 Only for VIP

General gathering


Discussion on the topic: how to earn on cryptocurrency arbitrage with a subscription to ArbitrageScanner.io

We will show client cases and our developments on how to earn on tokens in your portfolio, on the difference between ”spot + futures” or “fututres + futures”.

Clients show good profitability of 5-30% per month. Cryptocurrency arbitrage is replacing P2P, so it's a great chance to get a ready-made solution for you. You can bring your laptop and our representatives will show you how to set it up correctly and what are the features of this type of trading on your laptop or in front of you.

Discussion on the topic: how to earn on anomalies in the blockchain and on tracking and analyzing crypto wallets

Our representatives will tell you about our service and cases, how to use the platform to search for transactions, wallets, and anomalies in blockchains, how to properly analyze the results and look for connections between wallets using artificial intelligence. The goal of the discussion is to find the best market analysis solutions. We will also show our new tool - Sentiment. Thanks to it, you will be able to learn about the sentiments on different moments and catch the insides before the market.

AfterParty & Networking

18 April

Event from 19:00
17:00 - 17:40

How to make money on crypto arbitrage with a subscription to ArbitrageScanner.io

You can bring your laptop with you and analyze the service setup and get help in using it from the representatives of ArbitrageScanner
17:50 - 18:10

How to make money on blockchain anomalies and wallet tracking and analysis

The QuickShock team will show their cases, we will discuss venture financing, analyze crypto projects and marketing
18:30 - 19:20

ArbitrageScanner Ecosystem - How to make money on it?

19:40 - 20:10

Crypto project promotion by QuickShock Marketing

20:20 - 20:40

RWA sphere. Development prospects and how to tokenize real business through the blockchain. Web3Eco case

If you are already an active client of ArbitrageScanner.io from the Business subscription or QuickShock, then entry is free for you. Write to us in support.

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Free Pass

(access on the second day)
  • Pass to a closed event on the second day
  • Welcome cocktails and drinks
  • Access to discussions



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VIP Pass

  • Access to ArbitrageScanner.io service for 30 days
  • Access on 1st day
  • Pass to Pool Networking on the second day
  • Access to a separate VIP area on the second day
  • Free food, drinks, alcohol all evening
  • Gifts from event partners
  • Help with setting up the service from a representative of ArbitrageScanner at the event

Current Business subscription and above:


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VIP Pass

(for bloggers for articles or videos on YouTube)
  • Access on 1st day
  • Pass to Pool Networking on the second day
  • Access to a separate VIP area on the second day
  • Free food, drinks, alcohol all evening
  • Gifts from event partners
  • Consultations on the service with representatives of ArbitrageScanner at the event



Tickets left

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Please, pre-pay for the subscription to our service and sign up in advance, as the number of spots is limited, and on the day of the event, we may not admit you if all spots are taken.

We want to remind you that we have a high cost of organizing the event and bringing the team to the country, so closer to the event, we will increase the conditions for attending the event, starting from the Enterprise tariff and above, with a cost of $800 per month.

About our Events around the world

At the end of 2023, we held 3 parties around the world in the UAE, Bangkok, and Turkey

A yacht in Dubai for service
clients for 130+ people

In Bangkok already for 500+ people

After Binance Blockchain Week in Istanbul

What products are included in our product ecosystem?

The best tools for blockchain analysis and convenient cryptocurrency arbitrage

Analysis of wallets, their mass search and analysis through AI

Arbitrage Scanner and Screener that send ready-made bundles, where to buy and where to sell and with what profit. We support 15 exchanges, as well as DEX exchanges

Service thanks to which you can learn the news first, even before it appears in the media, and get insiders before everyone else

Wallet analysis
Screener for arbitrage between DEX and CEX exchanges
Arbitrage Scanner
Mass wallet search
Search for similar wallets
Mass wallet analysis
Tg Scanner and TG Scanner Live

To get a VIP pass, you need to pay for a Business subscription and above

WhiteLabel ArbitrageScanner - your ready-made business turnkey

100% of each sale is yours

Server-side support and $0 for maintenance

Pay only for API limits

Effective business model

Learn moreLearn more

AI Search & wallet analysis

  • AI wallet search by filters
  • Mass search & analysis of wallets
  • Tracking wallet behavior
  • Customizable AI

White label price:

from $150,000

Arbitrage Scanner & Screener

  • Support for 75+ CEX, 40 DEX
  • Futures + Spot Arbitrage
  • 100,000+ Spreads per minute
  • Lots of filters, including volume in $USD, deposit suspenders and etc

White label price:

from $20,000

Insider trading via TG/

  • Search by keys from chats
  • Insights before the news
  • Customer search by keywords
  • New type of project analysis

White label price:

from $7,000

Event partners

Media partners

If you want to become a partner or media partner of the event,write in Telegram

Which villa will the event take place at?

The location is hidden and only after approval and payment of the subscription to the service will they send you the location of the villa. We will have leaders of the crypto industry, so this time we are making a chamber VIP event.

If you have any questions, we will gladly answer them


Free and VIP tickets are runing out soon!