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come to legendary

Affiliate Side Event
by ArbitrageScanner in Bangkok

  • December, 9

  • start at 9pm

  • 555+ members

Char Bangkok, 81 Wireless Road Pathumwan, Bangkok

About the event

We are hosting an event the day after the AFFILIATE WORLD ASIA conference. Our goal is to bring together affiliates from around the world to relax, enjoy cocktails, savor delicious food, and discuss various traffic sources in a private and upscale atmosphere. For this purpose, we have reserved a restaurant and rooftop bar (2 floors) near the conference venue with the best view of Bangkok.

CHAR Bangkok is ranked 28 out of 9000 restaurants in Bangkok, ensuring that you can truly enjoy the luxurious atmosphere at our event. There will be no uninvited guests, entry is exclusive to affiliates.

High demand

Free tickets and VIP tickets are running out soon!

Brief overview of our participants:

Average monthly income from traffic: $170,000

Owners of major networks on YouTube, Telegram, TikTok, and others

300+ owners of large arbitrage teams with 10+ members each

Advertisers generating $1 million or more per month

Participants from 30+ countries

Discover the best cases in your verticals from top affiliates:







and others...

About organizer

I have been in the affiliate market for over 14 years, traversing the path from a regular arbitrageur to the owner of an international company. Since 2014, I have organized traffic arbitrage events, successfully hosting more than 15 gatherings, and have a precise understanding of creating an amazing atmosphere. Our AfterParty became the largest Affiliate party in the world, attracting over 4000 people in 2021. Watch the video below.

Currently, I have transitioned into building a larger business and have permanently stepped away from organizing large-scale events. Now, I am seeking affiliates for my projects, which is why I decided to bring everyone together again, but this time at the free Side Event AWA. You know that my team and I always know how to create remarkable events and bring people together, and this time will be no exception. We look forward to seeing all of you.


Affiliate Networks

unforgettable party

Choose your pass

Free Pass

(only for affiliates)100$0$
  • Access to the exclusive event
  • Welcome cocktails
  • DJ zone
  • Opportunity to join the advertiser's table, where food, drinks, and alcohol will be complimentary for you



VIP Pass

(for stories on social media)400$99$
  • Access to a separate VIP outdoor area on the roof top
  • Complimentary food, drinks, and alcohol throughout the evening
  • Gifts from event partners
  • Exclusive VIP registration



VIP Pass

  • Access to a separate VIP outdoor area on the roof top
  • Complimentary food, drinks, and alcohol throughout the evening
  • Gifts from event partners
  • Exclusive VIP registration



If you have any questions or want to pay directly, you can do so through our CEO.

We are organizing a luxurious event for affiliates, reserving two floors of one of the best restaurants in Bangkok. We have partnered with several companies, granting them the privilege to reserve tables and invite affiliates for networking.

Renting a top 3 bar in Bangkok on a Saturday evening is quite expensive, especially offering complimentary drinks all night, including various alcoholic cocktails. Not just whiskey and cola, but cocktails served for 4 hours with an exquisite presentation and a beautiful view on the terrace. Therefore, we ask for a minimum payment for the VIP ticket - $100, a price below cost, which also includes food.

Free tickets will only be issued after approval and exclusively for affiliates (if you receive approval but are not an arbitrageur, you may not be admitted at the entrance). We'll check everyone. Only 400 seats are available, so take care to purchase your ticket in advance. Representatives from affiliate networks will not be admitted with a free ticket, as the event is specifically for affiliates. You need to purchase a VIP ticket, which includes complimentary drinks, snacks, and alcoholic cocktails throughout the evening. You can reduce the cost by posting on your stories that you are attending the event and providing a link to it.

Alex Khitrov

CEO of the project

Any other questions?

Write to us in support
of the event

How was our first side event in Dubai
on October 26, 2023 for 130+ people?

Event partners

If you want to become a partner of the event, write to Telegram,
you can see the packages at this link.

We rented a two-story rooftop restaurant. Each partner package includes a VIP table. You can choose your layout below and book it. When you come to our event, you will not need to look for a seat, you and your team will be able to immediately take a seat and invite an affiliate to your table.

1st floor

rooftop bar

Click on the picture to zoom the plan

It's easy to find us

Media Partners

If you want to become our media partner, please contact us. You can also register on our website, and if someone buys a subscription to our service after visiting your site, you will receive 50% of all their sales.

If you have any questions, we'd be happy to answer them