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A Comprehensive Guide to Stablecoin Arbitrage in 2023

A Comprehensive Guide to Stablecoin Arbitrage in 2023
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Unlock the secrets of stablecoin arbitrage in 2023 with our comprehensive guide, maximizing your profits in the ever-changing crypto market.

A Comprehensive Guide to Stablecoin Arbitrage in 2023

Stablecoin arbitrage is the process of buying a stablecoin on one exchange and selling it on another for a profit. This strategy is made possible by the fixed value of stablecoins, which creates a difference in prices between different exchanges.

For instance, let's consider Tether (USDT). It might be priced at $1.00 on Binance, but only $0.99 on Kraken. An arbitrageur could purchase 100 USDT on Binance for $100 and then sell them on Kraken for $99, resulting in a $1 profit.

How does stablecoin arbitrage work?

Stablecoin arbitrage is based on the principle of stablecoins that are backed by reserves of assets, such as fiat currencies or other cryptocurrencies. These reserves ensure the stable price of stablecoins.

When the price of a stablecoin falls below the established level, arbitrageurs buy that stablecoin on one exchange and sell it on another, which restores the price to the level of the established value.

The Advantages of Stablecoin Arbitrage

Stablecoin arbitrage has several advantages. First, it is a relatively low-risk strategy with limited potential losses, which are determined by the difference in stablecoin prices on different exchanges.

Second, although the profit from each trade may be small, continuous arbitrage trading in the long term can lead to significant income.

Finally, stablecoin arbitrage is relatively simple to execute, as they are available on many exchanges.

The Drawbacks of Stablecoin Arbitrage

However, stablecoin arbitrage is also associated with some disadvantages.

First, identifying spreads on stablecoins can be time-consuming, as prices can change quickly and the window for arbitrage is therefore minimal.

Second, trading stablecoins involves fees, which can reduce profits. Therefore, choosing an exchange with low fees becomes a critical factor.

Third, there is always the risk of technical problems occurring on the exchange, which can prevent the successful completion of trades.

Who are the stablecoin arbitrageurs?

A Comprehensive Guide to Stablecoin Arbitrage in 2023

Stablecoin arbitrageurs are traders who profit from small differences in stablecoin prices on different exchanges. They purchase stablecoins on one exchange and sell them on another where they are worth more.

There are different categories of stablecoin arbitrageurs, including individual traders, hedge funds specializing in arbitrage, and market makers who provide market liquidity through arbitrage trading.

Some of the most well-known include Blackpool Capital, Arbitrage Capital, and Genesis Global Trading.

Is stablecoin arbitrage profitable?

The profitability of stablecoin arbitrage depends on a number of factors, including the size of the spread, exchange fees, and available starting capital.

While the profit from each trade may be small, continuous arbitrage trading over time can generate significant income.

Risks involved in stablecoin arbitrage

Stablecoin arbitrage relies on the constant interest and activity of traders.

  1. A decline in interest can lead to insufficient trading volume and price volatility.
  2. Crises can also disrupt stablecoin support, creating problems.
  3. Algorithmic stablecoins require a constant level of demand, and failure to maintain that demand can lead to system failure.
  4. In some cases, non-compliance can reduce the effectiveness of stablecoin arbitrage operations.

Best Strategies for Stablecoin Arbitrage

A Comprehensive Guide to Stablecoin Arbitrage in 2023

  1. Triangular arbitrage involves exploiting price differences between three stablecoins on different exchanges.
  2. Cross-exchange arbitrage focuses on buying a stablecoin on one exchange and selling it on another to profit from price differences.
  3. Bot-based arbitrage uses automated trading bots to identify and exploit price discrepancies. It requires significant capital and technical expertise.

However, all automated bots use your API. This means that your funds are at risk because you are transferring them to a 3rd party.

Arbitrage Scanner does not use your API and works manually, which means that the bot sends you notifications about the price difference for a particular cryptocurrency on different exchanges in Telegram. You can arbitrage any stablecoins on arbitrage scanner, if you want to connect all stablecoins on absolutely all 50 CEX and 20 DEX exchanges you can try our second product arbitrage screener. With it, you can search spreads on absolutely all stablecoins on all exchanges at the same time. You can calculate the profit from the arbitrage of stablecoins on our website in the section profitability calculator. Also, we often publish cases and strategies on arbitrage in our blog. 

For example, we recently told you about how our clients made money from cryptocurrency arbitrage when the token price dropped.


Arbitrage of stablecoins is a promising strategy for profiting in the cryptocurrency market in 2023. It involves utilizing price differences on different exchanges to make gains. While there are risks such as rapid price fluctuations and fees, stablecoin arbitrage remains attractive due to its low risk and potential profitability. You should explore various strategies like triangular arbitrage and cross-exchange arbitrage, and use tools like the Arbitrage Scanner Bot to identify opportunities. With caution and the right approach, stablecoin arbitrage can be successful and profitable.




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