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Come to the largest
cryptocurrency side event in


By ArbitrageScanner.io - the best tools for crypto analysis and crypto arbitrage

  • November 9

  • start at 7 pm

  • 200+ members

Location to be known once you are approved

High Demand

Free and VIP tickets are runing out soon!

What are ArbitrageScanner.io events:

It is a series of events around the world where the brightest representatives of the crypto industry gather for networking and communication. We have no presentations or ticket sales; our goal is to bring everyone together on a single platform to socialize and relax after a major event. With over 10 years of experience in organizing, we are known for the largest affiliate afterparties in the world with over 4,000 members and organizing various events.

Photos from our past events around the world

Our goal is to create the world's largest crypto community, which will gather in varios locations around the world and interact with each other.

On November 9, 2023, in Istanbul, we are hosting our side event as part of the Binance Blockchain Week conference, with over 500 members.

How can you get access to our event?
We have two types of tickets, Standart and VIP tickets.

We provide VIP tickets for free to current BUSINESS subscription users of the ArbitrageScanner product and above, as well as to our partners. The event offers unlimited alcohol, food, and hookahs, along with a separate dedicated area.

The number of standard passes is limited. If you do not want to use our service, then this ticket is for you. The ticket includes drinks, food, and unlimited hookahs. The number of tickets, both standard and VIP, is limited, so be sure to book your seat in advance.

If you are current ArbitrageScanner.io client from a Business level subscription or QuickShock client, our side event is free for you. Write to us in support

Standart Pass

  • Access to the closed event
  • The opportunity to chat with the ArbitrageScanner team
  • Free food, drinks, alcohol, hookahs
  • Access to a separate exclusive area with conference speakers and leaders of the crypto industry


$ 99
only 20 tickets available

VIP Pass

  • Dedicated VIP registration
  • Gifts from ArbitrageScanner
  • Access to tools for wallet analysis or cryptocurrency arbitrage
  • Access to private client chat
  • Free food, drinks, alcohol, hookahs
  • Access to a separate exclusive area with conference speakers and leaders of the crypto industry
and higher subscription:


$ 199
Super Early Bird Ticket

We recommend paying for our service subscription in advance and signing up, as the number of spots is limited, and on the day of the event, we may not be able to admit you if all the spots are taken.

We want to remind you that organizing the event comes with high costs, including bringing the team to the country. Therefore, as the event date approaches, we will increase the criteria for attending the event, starting from the Enterprise subscription level and above, which costs $800 per month.

If you want to get a free VIP ticket, please contact us on Telegram and let us know what you can offer in exchange for the ticket. The cost of a VIP ticket is over $400.

Our events in 2023

October 26, 2023

ArbitrageScanner VIP Dubai
(after Blockchain Life)

130+ members

December 9, 2023

ArbitrageScanner Bangkok
(after AWE)

200+ members

To get a standard pass, please submit the application below

If you want to get your application approved faster, after submitting it, please contact us via support.

If you have an active BUSINESS subscription or higher at the time of the event, you will receive a VIP pass to our event.

What products are included in our ecosystem?

The best tools for blockchain analysis and user-friendly cryptocurrency arbitrage

Wallet analysis, mass wallet search, and AI-driven analysis

Arbitrage Scanner and Screener provide ready-made trading pairs, indicating where to buy and sell for profit. We support 15 exchanges, including DEX exchanges

A service that allows you to get news before it's released in the media and receive insights ahead of others

Wallet analysis

Screener for arbitrage between DEX and CEX exchanges

Arbitrage Scanner

Mass wallet search

Search for similar wallets

Mass wallet analysis

Tg Scanner and TG Scanner Live

Choose your plan

WhiteLabel ArbitrageScanner - your ready-made business solution

100% of each sale is yours

Server-side support and $0 maintenance fee

Only pay for API limits

An effective business model

Media Partners

If you want to become our media partner, please contact us. You can also register on our website, and if someone buys a subscription to our service after visiting your site, you will receive 50% of all their sales.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them