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The best tools for blockchain analysis and convenient cryptocurrency arbitrage

Wallet analysis, mass search, AI analysis and notifications of all transactions. Search by filters for wallets that earn, for example, from $100,000 per monthNEW

Arbitrage Scanner between CEX and DEX exchanges, spot + futures and futures + futures, which send ready-made bundles of where to buy and where to sell and with what profit. Tracking funding. We support 40+ exchanges, as well as DEX exchanges NEW

A service that allows you to stay ahead of the news and receive insights before they are published in the media

Our screener shows the price difference between exchanges without the need to hold tokens in advance. Thanks to our service and their own analysis, our clients can make profit from this arbitrage method. The principle is very simple: you can buy a coin on one exchange and then transfer it to another where the price is higher. When the coin reaches the second exchange, you can sell it and profit from the price difference.

Arbitrage Screener

Arbitrage Screener

Our screener shows the price difference between exchanges and DEX. For this method of earning, you do not need to buy tokens in advance, you only need USDT. Our clients, thanks to the service and their own analysis, can earn money from this method of arbitration. The principle is very simple: you can buy a coin on one exchange, and then transfer it to another, where the price will be higher. When the coin reaches the second exchange, it can be sold and earned on the price difference.

For example, with XRP, which doubled in value in one hour. Most of our clients did not hold it, but there was a sharp increase and the spread between major exchanges was around 10-15% in a circle. Our screener showed this and every one of our clients could make a good profit.

There are many features in this product, such as matching withdrawal networks, withdrawal fees, pairing lifespan, liquidity, and percentage difference. We provide all these features to our clients because beginners without clear instructions will make mistakes when they see large percentages. Our client record: 150% of their deposit made in one day.

Cryptocurrency Arbitrage Scanner


To track currency differences, you can connect to any exchange, including DEX, which typically have the largest spreads in trading. This is particularly useful when dealing across blockchains, such as buying on Arbitrum and selling on Polygon, as there's currently no similar functionality in the market. As a result, there are often significant differences between blockchains.


In our standard plan, we provide access to 15 major exchanges, and we'll be adding more over time. But you can easily link up CEX to DEX, or CEX to CEX, or even DEX (Arbitrum) to DEX (Avalanche) to track the price difference of any token traded on these exchanges in less than 30 seconds. Additionally, you can always add any specific exchange you want to track for an extra fee, without waiting in line.


Convenient CMS where you can set up new pairs for tracking with the desired template and parameters in just a few minutes. No need to install anything on your laptop, download or enter passwords, or grant access to anyone. Everything is done in your Telegram app, quickly and easily. Our managers will help you set up everything according to your preferences.


The Arbitrage Scanner is easy to use, and even beginners will have no trouble setting up templates. Depending on your plan, you will have access to a personal manager who will fully explain how to use the bot, suggest which currencies and exchanges to pay attention to, provide guidance on how to manage your capital, and offer introductory training materials and ready-to-use cases and strategies for using our bot in arbitrage.


For our clients, we have a private chat available during their use of the service where experienced arbitrageurs are available to assist and share interesting earning strategies.


We have been involved in arbitrage since 2016, and have been in the market for a long time, seeing various instances where hackers hacked our competitors and withdrew all smart_wallets from their clients' accounts, as well as situations where smart_wallets were taken through fake orders or NFT images via API on platforms such as Binance. That is why we have opted for a fully manual bot to ensure that no one can take your smart_wallets.

How does the Arbitrage Scanner work

Arbitrage Scanner doesn't work with your money. We don't connect to your exchange balances via API, and you don't connect your wallets anywhere. It's a completely manual bot that operates in the cloud for the safety of your smart_wallets.

Crypto wallet analysis

We provide the most comprehensive tool in the market for analyzing blockchain data and wallets across different blockchains. Every day, tens of thousands of people make substantial profits in the cryptocurrency market. Through our service, you can analyze any wallet, obtain data such as its earnings, Winrate, PnL, and review every coin's purchase and sale within the selected wallet. You can also add them to collections and track their actions through push notifications.

Furthermore, you have the option to eliminate unnecessary transactions, such as arbitrage or 'unique' ones, which can cause a decrease in winrate. With the application of new settings, you can store them in collections for AI-based searching of similar wallets, not to mention the extensive analysis criteria encompassing 50 different wallet attributes.

For instance, one of our clients used the feature of finding similar wallets to discover a wallet that had purchased XRP just an hour before Ripple's legal victory was announced. The client analyzed this wallet using our service and realized that it consistently bought coins just before significant price surges, resulting in substantial profits. Our analysis tools highlighted this trend. The client added this wallet to their collection and monitored all its activities, ultimately earning over $5,000 in just two weeks.
A great tool for tracking wallets with successful transactions, analyzing them, and making better-informed decisions.

Wallets search by filters

The best functionality for making money is in the wallet analysis section, no one on the market has it. You can filter for any coin, for example, which grew by 400% yesterday, and find wallets that bought it in advance, sort by income or ROI and thereby find wallets of potential insiders (this can be used on meme tokens, but it is better on large tokens so as not to get on the scam)

An example of how the functionality works. We introduced the ETH token and set up a filter to see which wallets bought ETH from March 21 to 27 and earned at least $50,000 from it. The moment of using the functionality is March 5, when the exchange rate was approaching $ 4,000 per ETH. So we can find insiders or smart raiders for absolutely every coin and study their strategies

Search for similar wallets through AI

Thanks to this tool, you can use artificial intelligence to find similar wallets from your collection. For instance, if you've found wallets through bulk search that invested in major coins before their growth, and you want to discover more similar wallets, you can add them to our tool. AI will display similar wallets based on dozens of criteria, allowing you to study them and understand their activities in the blockchain. It's a straightforward way to find wallets belonging to insiders or top traders with strategies that interest you. At present, we use 272 criteria for finding similar wallets, and AI will automatically locate the ones you need.

There are numerous use cases for this tool. Through AI, you can discover new wallets belonging to well-known insiders, as their behaviors may repeat based on behavioral factors, even without any direct interaction with their main wallets. Using conventional filters, such wallets would be difficult to find. You can also search for creators of new coins since they often follow similar principles when creating wallets. With our tool, you can identify them early and potentially counter their strategies.

This method allows you to search for similar successful wallets and study their strategies using our analytics. You can also access free training on schemes and strategies that have not been openly discussed before, among many other benefits.

Mass wallet analysis

With this tool, you can analyze wallets and discover new similar ones based on numerous criteria. You also receive free training in the cryptocurrency market, and the charts will provide you with all the insights you need. You can then delete unwanted wallets, save the ones you want to keep in a collection, and even send the selected wallets with specific attributes for AI-based similarity searches.

This tool allows you to quickly and easily obtain wallets of interest for analysis. Artificial intelligence utilizes 272 criteria to find wallets that closely match your selected collection of wallets. It's a quick and effortless way to discover new and intriguing wallets for analysis.

For instance, you had a collection of 5 wallets belonging to top traders who consistently closed their trades in profit every week. You keep an eye on these wallets and study their trading system.

These wallets are then submitted to the AI, which finds an additional 50 wallets that share some similarities with the initial collection. After analyzing all these wallets, you notice that 30 of them replicate certain trades from the wallets you were initially interested in, 10 wallets use precisely the same trading system, and another 10 wallets belong to the owners of those 5 initial wallets, where they engage in more interesting schemes, knowing that their main wallets are under scrutiny.

Arbitrage Scanner

ArbitrageScanner Message is a service that allows you to be the first to know about news before it is released in the media and profit from insights. Or find your clients through search keywords in chats. The bot can monitor chats every 4 seconds, and if the queries you need are found, you receive notifications in your Telegram channel. We monitor Telegram and Twitter chats.

For example, if you want to know whether it's worth buying the TWT coin for the long term, you enter the names of the chats or request our selection in the necessary language, and through the chat history and keywords, you can see what people are writing about the coin.

Or if you have already bought it for the long term or plan to do so, and you see news about upcoming listings or new updates with clear arguments before the official announcement in chats or Twitter, you can buy for the long term or trade in futures. There are many examples of use.

anomaly detection

Using the anomaly detection feature can save a significant amount of time on wallet analysis. This algorithm automatically analyzes all wallet transactions and identifies anomalous behavior specific to that wallet.

For example, you might have analyzed the wallet of a DEX trader who primarily traded the ETH coin, which constituted 99% of all their transactions. If this wallet suddenly engaged in trading a new token, used a bridge to another network, purchased NFTs, and so on, such transactions would be considered anomalies for that specific wallet.

Using the anomalous transaction search feature, you can discover various opportunities in which this wallet is generating income.

  • We analyze all wallet transactions to detect anomalies.
  • Various criteria are used to determine whether a transaction is flagged as anomalous.
  • You can subscribe to receive notifications when anomalous transactions appear in a wallet (currently in development).

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Are you an influencer looking to earn through our affiliate program?

Whitelabel Arbitrage Scanner

Whitelabel Arbitrage Scanner

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IMPORTANT! We are software developers. We do not give recommendations and promises regarding earnings, we do not advise you where to invest your money, and we do not work with your money in any way. Our software is completely manual, and all your money is only under your personal control. We provide examples of how our clients earned on arbitrage in the past, but we do not advise you to repeat their actions exactly. Your earnings depend solely on your actions and market factors. The ArbitrageScanner team is not responsible for your results.