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Guide to installing and configuring MetaMask

In this guide, we provide detailed instructions and demonstrations on how to install MetaMask, import tokens, switch networks, and add new accounts. Additionally, we have shared with you a list of useful resources to facilitate your acquaintance with the non-custodial software wallet - MetaMask.

What are non custodial wallets?

In this guide, we will explore non-custodial wallets as efficient tools for managing and storing your assets, delve into their mechanisms, and discuss their pros and cons.

DYOR: Conclusions

Studying this article will give you an understanding of how to structure conclusions after analyzing altcoins. You will learn how to use tables to assess risks and justify decisions on buying or selling. Additionally, this article provides recommendations for investment planning and risk management based on the information obtained.

DYOR: Buying strategies and profit-taking strategies

Review this article to understand which buying strategies and profit-taking strategies you can adopt. A variety of approaches to this issue, including diversifying purchases and using various orders, help reduce risks and respond to market changes.

DYOR: Types of Scams

Studying the article on types of scams in cryptocurrencies will help you understand and distinguish schemes like RUG PULL, HONEYPOT, and Pump and Dump. You will learn how scammers withdraw liquidity, set high fees, and create fake hype. This will help avoid financial losses and protect your capital.

DYOR: Interested parties (Smart money)

Studying the article will give you an understanding of interested parties in cryptocurrency (Smart Money), including funds, business angels, and experienced investors. You will learn how to assess interest in the project and potential risks through analysis of investments and blockchain movements.

DYOR: Online activity

This article explains how important it is to research the social networks of projects. By studying social networks, you are better able to accurately assess the potential and reliability of a project.

DYOR: Tokenomics

This article explains what tokenomics is and how it affects asset value. It examines the processes of token issuance and inflation, as well as mechanisms for stimulating asset growth. It also emphasizes the importance of analyzing token distribution and unlocking schedules to minimize investment risks.

DYOR: Team and its background

Studying this article provides valuable insights into the importance of a project's team and their background for its success. Specifically, the article emphasizes that trust is built on the team's past achievements.

DYOR: Description of Technology/Product and Market Segment

Studying this article will help you understand the importance of evaluating the technology of the altcoin. Additionally, it will assist in identifying current trends, which is key to making informed investment decisions.

General provisions: DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH (DYOR)

Study this article to understand which criteria to consider when choosing altcoins to buy. Our guide will help you save time and reduce potential risks.

Theory: My Collections and my subscriptions by ArbitrageScanner

Study the article to learn how to use My Collections and what you can use My Subscriptions from ArbitrageScanner for. We have prepared educational material for you with recommendations and notes.

Practice: How you can apply collections from ArbitrageScanner

Get acquainted with examples of earnings where collections from ArbitrageScanner were used. Add the best examples of successful strategies to your arsenal.

Theory: Collections by ArbitrageScanner

Study the article to learn how to use collections from ArbitrageScanner. Collections are tools for convenient analysis of wallets actively involved in pumps and accumulating promising tokens.

Practice: How you can apply mass wallet analysis by ArbitrageScanner

Get acquainted with examples of earnings where our service was used - bulk wallet analysis. Save time with the convenient interface from ArbitrageScanner, analyzing multiple wallets simultaneously and building successful trading strategies.

Theory: Mass wallet analysis by ArbitrageScanner

Study the article to learn how to use the mass wallet analysis service. Save time by analyzing multiple wallets simultaneously with ArbitrageScanner. We have prepared a detailed instructional material for you with recommendations and notes.

Practice: How you can apply wallet similarity search using AI from ArbitrageScanner

Check out examples of earnings where our service was used - searching for similar wallets using artificial intelligence. Find profitable wallets whose owners are trying to hide in the blockchain. Use search filters to tailor the query to your expectations.

Theory: AI wallet similarity search from ArbitrageScanner

Study this article to understand how to use our service, which applies modern solutions, artificial intelligence, to search for wallets. We have prepared detailed educational material with recommendations and notes for you.

Practice: How you can apply wallet analysis using filters from ArbitrageScanner

Explore examples of earnings where our product - wallet search by filters - has been used. Find the most efficient holders to optimize your purchases.

Theory: Wallet search using filters from ArbitrageScanner

Get acquainted with our wallet search service by filters to find the most efficient market participants. We have prepared a detailed educational material with recommendations and notes for you.

Practice: How you can apply wallet analysis by ArbitrageScanner

Discover the practical application of our wallet analysis service. Improve your results and customize your trading strategies with the leading service for on-chain metric analysis - ArbitrageScanner.

Theory: Wallet analysis by ArbitrageScanner

Introducing our product - Wallet Analysis. We have prepared a detailed educational material with recommendations and notes for you.

Product line for wallet analysis from ArbitrageScanner

Get acquainted with the product line for wallet analysis from the top service in the market for studying on-chain metrics.

Introduction: Assessing the risks of using wallet analysis

By studying this article, you will learn how assessing risks through wallet analysis can protect your cryptocurrency investments and prevent losses.

Introduction:Assessing market activity in wallet analysis

By reading this article, you will learn how useful wallet analysis is in assessing market activity. Utilize the market participant activation marker to develop effective trading strategies.

Introduction: Identifying trends in wallet analysis

After studying this article, you will understand how effective wallet analysis is in detecting current trends. Detecting trends in a timely manner means extracting maximum profit from the market.

Introduction: Monitoring market sentiment in wallet_analysis

In this article, you will learn how wallet analysis helps to understand market sentiment. Analyzing market sentiment shapes your buying and selling strategy at the right moment.

Introduction: Asset assessment as a means of wallet analysis

In this article, we will discuss how assessing a holder's assets can influence your trading decision. Analyzing a wallet's assets is key to understanding where to invest.

Introduction: Wallet Owner Identification as a Method of Wallet Analysis

In this article, we delve into one of the methods for utilizing wallet analysis: owner identification. Categorizing wallets helps gain deeper insights into market dynamics and structure.

Introduction:What is wallet analysis and how you can use it

In this article, you will become acquainted with the concept of wallet analysis as an effective tool, and you will also understand how to apply it to maximize your results.

Lesson 12. Case on SCRT coin with negative funding rate

In this lesson we will show how to arbitrage a negative funding rate using the example of the SCRT coin.

Lesson 11. Case on working with a negative funding rate

In this lesson we will look at how to arbitrage a negative minus (negative) funding rate.

Lesson 8. Futures arbitrage rules

These are the rules you should follow to avoid getting into losing trades and making typical mistakes.

Lesson 4. How to choose an arbitrage situation and how to enter a trade correctly

Let's understand futures arbitrage: choosing a situation and entering a deal. Learn how to identify profitable arbitrage situations and enter trades correctly using only USDT. We will also talk about screener settings for the best funding conditions and spreads, and learn strategies for minimizing risks and optimizing profitability.

Lesson 3: Funding rate and price spread arbitrage

Learn the basics of trading the spot and futures markets for cryptocurrencies. Learn arbitrage and risk management strategies to improve your investment decisions. Our guide will help you understand the impact of funding rates on trading and how to properly use leverage in futures arbitrage.

Lesson 2. Arbitrage perpetuals settings and functions

In this lesson, we will thoroughly explore the Arbitrage Perpetuals service, which is a tool for arbitrage trading in the futures market. We will examine how to effectively use the screener to track arbitrage opportunities and discuss the functions provided by various buttons in the interface.

Lesson 1. Exchanges

In our introductory lesson, we will provide you with a detailed guide on choosing cryptocurrency exchanges that will meet your requirements and preferences. Additionally, we are pleased to offer you exclusive collaboration terms: reduced trading fees and unique referral bonuses that you can receive by starting to work with exchanges recommended by our course. These advantages will help you maximize your profits and optimize your investments in the world of cryptocurrencies.

How to save your investment by analyzing crypto wallets of major holders - Comprehensive Guide on the Tellor (TRB) Coin

In this case study, we will discuss how our product can help you preserve your deposit amidst the general euphoria and greed. We will talk about the much-hyped project Tellor (TRB), a decentralized oracle protocol for smart contracts. We will not touch upon the fundamentals of this asset, and who is behind it. Our task is to show that by using our product — wallet analysis, you can predict the intentions of major holders, while timely closing your positions, not succumbing to the mood of the crowd.

Cryptocurrency Arbitrage Strategies: Hedging in Crypto Arbitrage

Discover the power of hedging in cryptocurrency arbitrage! Learn how to reduce risks and ensure profits, whether prices rise or fall. Our step-by-step guide walks you through the hedging process, using real examples to illustrate key nuances. Find out which coins are suitable for futures trading, and always check the alignment of spot and futures prices on the same exchange. Don't miss out on the advantages of hedging – get a subscription to ArbitrageScanner for valuable educational materials and real-world examples of successful strategy implementation!

Cryptocurrency arbitrage strategies: Arbitrage through withdrawal

Learn the essential steps of cryptocurrency withdrawal arbitrage and maximize your profits. From finding arbitrage signals with our scanner to checking exchanges, networks, and implementing useful tips, our step-by-step guide covers it all. Discover how to use the whitelist effectively, set up the scanner for the optimal spread range, and pay attention to crucial details like commissions. Follow us for real case studies and stay informed with the latest arbitrage strategies. Request a trial day or connect with our support for more insights!

Cryptocurrency Arbitrage Strategies. Risk-Free Strategy

Risk-free cryptocurrency arbitrage strategy tailored for those with a starting capital of $500 or more! In this guide, discover how to choose long-term coins, conduct classic arbitrage without withdrawals, and ensure profitable trades in 3-5 seconds. Follow our step-by-step example with the Hedra coin and learn essential tips like checking order volumes and avoiding trades for more than 25% of the orders. Stay informed about investment risks, invest in verified projects, and explore more strategies on our blog. Subscribe to our social networks, ask questions, or request a test day from our dedicated support team today!