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New product - NFT Scanner!

New product - NFT Scanner!
Authors: Max
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NFT Scanner is a product that will allow you to be the first to know about the appearance of rare NFTs for a small price. By immediately finding out about the listing of an interesting item on the marketplace, you will have the opportunity to buy it right away and list it for a higher price!

How to use the new product?

It's quite simple to start using the NFT Scanner. You need to find a collection that interests you in the largest NFT marketplace on the Ethereum network — Blur

Next, you set up:

📍 Link to the address of the collection you are interested in
📍 Percentage of rarity of the NFT you want to buy from this collection
📍 Price range for selling this NFT to receive instant notifications about the appearance of an item on the marketplace that meets all your criteria

All that's left is to set up notifications, similar to our other products, and wait for notifications about rare NFTs!

🔝 The NFT Scanner is available with a Test subscription, so all our clients can already start using it!

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